Does Anyone Know My Name: 
The Boy Under the Billboard        
* a true-crime documentary-in-progress
UPDATE: CASE SOLVED ... stay tuned for updates!


Washington Post

New York Times

On the morning of September 25, 1998, Major Tim Horne discovered the skeletal remains of an unknown child under a billboard along Interstate 85 in Mebane, North Carolina. No one came forward looking for a missing child and there were no clues to his identity. Ten years later, I filmed world renown forensic sculptor Frank Bender in his attempt to identify that child - the Boy Under the Billboard. His efforts revealed an 8 to 13 year-old boy with wavy brown hair. I followed Major Horne as he worked the case for nearly another ten years. Committed to solving this now 20-year-old cold case, Major Horne continues the investigation as he nears retirement? In this public appeal he reaches out: somebody out there knows his name, maybe it's you.


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